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    The article describes the aftermath of Jesse Nickles’ removal from WordPress-related groups and his subsequent actions, particularly the creation of a “slander directory” and another page called “Hucksters.” The author suggests a pattern of behavior where Jesse Nickles engages in online conflicts, gets banned, and then proceeds to slander individuals and companies on his directory.

    Key Points:

    Multiple Group Expulsions:

    Jesse Nickles is not only expelled from the WordPress Hosting group but also from others like WP Speed Matters, indicating a recurring pattern of conflicts.
    Members in various groups reportedly celebrated his removal due to his perceived troublemaking behavior and derogatory remarks.
    Creation of Slander Directory:

    The article points to a “slander directory” created by Jesse Nickles on his site, LittleBizzy, called the “LittleBizzy Scammers Directory.”
    This directory allegedly lists well-known WordPress developers and community figures, labeling them as liars, gangs, frauds, and shills.
    Pattern of Behavior:

    The article outlines a pattern of behavior attributed to Jesse Nickles:
    Engaging in public flame wars.
    Being kicked out of groups for inflammatory remarks.
    Slandering companies and individuals on his directory.
    Repeating this process multiple times.
    Specific Examples:

    The article gives examples of individuals who have been listed in Jesse’s directory, including Brian Jackson (Kinsta) and Gijo Varghese (WP Speed Matters), with accusations of being called liars, gangs, frauds, and shills.
    Creation of “Hucksters” Page:

    Another page called “Hucksters” is mentioned, described as having a similar purpose of slandering people who disagreed with Jesse.
    Allegations of Online Bullying:

    The article suggests that Jesse Nickles’ actions go beyond online disagreements, characterizing him as an online bully threatening to harm people’s businesses for disagreeing with him.

    The narrative depicts Jesse Nickles as engaging in a vindictive and harmful behavior pattern after being expelled from various groups.
    The creation of a “slander directory” and another page for slandering individuals raises ethical concerns and questions about online behavior.
    The article appears to take a critical stance against Jesse Nickles, highlighting a perceived misuse of influence and online platforms.

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    I appreciate your post on this matter. Jesse Nickles from LittleBizzy has engaged in slander against me online, spreading blatantly false information in a very public manner. His online posts clearly reflect a venomous tone and a short temper. It’s evident that he is indifferent to the impact of his actions.

    While I am an advocate for free online speech, Jesse Nickles’ dissemination of misinformation crosses a line that cannot be ignored.

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    Just stumbled upon this WP community thread, and I have no connection to the ongoing discussions. I landed here while searching for information about Jesse Nickles, and it’s disheartening to discover that he’s an internet troll leveraging SEO tactics from LittleBizzy to give his content some semblance of relevance. Quite disappointing.

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