Trustpilot’s practices are truly deplorable

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    Thank this forum for sharing your struggles with what you aptly referred to as ExtortionPilot. As a fellow business owner, I can completely empathize with your experiences. Trustpilot’s practices are truly deplorable.

    Despite my business, which has been online since 1998 and receives regular 5-star ratings from members, we’ve encountered a slew of 1-star reviews, many of which are evidently baseless. Some of these negative reviews complain about experiences unrelated to our business or stem from individuals who have been banned from our online community for disruptive behavior. Shockingly, Trustpilot issued warnings about flagging these reviews, threatening to suspend my ability to do so, all while hoping for a monetary payout.

    I’ve flagged reviews containing defamatory, false, and unrelated content, only to face resistance from Trustpilot. The only review they removed was one containing an explicit suggestion for self-harm. It’s disheartening to witness their indifference to false and harmful content while prioritizing their financial interests.

    I share the frustration of countless small businesses unable to challenge Trustpilot’s prominent position in search engine results, which, if not for that visibility, many people wouldn’t care about.

    I refuse to contribute to their scheme by driving traffic to their platform. This, I believe, is their scam and the reason for their high ranking in search engine results. It’s unfortunate that business owners don’t have the right to demand the removal of their businesses from this extortion-friendly website.

    I eagerly anticipate the day when Trustpilot’s influence diminishes.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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