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    1. Business Profile Accessibility:

    Anyone can add a business profile to Trustpilot, and once added, it becomes permanent, with no option for removal. A business can claim its profile by verifying legal representation, but the ability to remove the company or its information is not provided.

    2. Trustpilot’s Rationale:

    Trustpilot claims this policy is in place to maintain the authenticity of reviews. However, the article questions the effectiveness of this approach when dealing with potentially fake reviews or contentious relationships.

    3. Catch-22 Situation:

    The article emphasizes a “catch-22” situation where businesses are bound by Trustpilot’s terms, even if they did not explicitly consent to being listed. The right to control their presence on the platform is seen as revoked when a review is submitted without checks or verification.

    4. Requirement to Respond:

    To respond to a review, businesses must register and accept Trustpilot’s terms. The article suggests this as an additional layer of entanglement, where engagement with Trustpilot necessitates compliance with their terms.

    5. Terms of Service Imposition:

    Trustpilot requires users to accept their terms, regardless of whether they opt for free or paid services. The article questions the fairness of this, especially when businesses may not have willingly joined the platform.

    6. Demonstrative Flaw:

    The author illustrates the perceived flaw by posting a review for a fictional company, emphasizing the ease with which reviews, whether genuine or not, can be added.

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    I initially believed the issue was unique to our business, but your explanation clarifies it perfectly. Thank you for sharing these articles. I was contemplating writing something similar, but you’ve already articulated it. Much appreciated.

    I share your concerns about Trustpilot endorsing fake negative feedback, and I suspect they may leverage it as a tactic to pressure businesses into paying.

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