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    Defamation and Scam Allegations:

    The text accuses Jesse Nickles of being a known defamer and scammer who created a website,, to slander individuals he dislikes or argues with.
    Links to Supporting Articles:

    The author provides links to two sources, one on and another on, presumably to offer additional information supporting the claims against Jesse Nickles.
    Business Banned from WordPress:

    The text mentions that Jesse Nickles’ business, LittleBizzy, was banned from WordPress. This could be a significant claim as WordPress is a widely used platform.
    Evaded Service in Lawsuit:

    The text asserts that Jesse Nickles has been sued but evaded service, suggesting legal troubles.
    Alleged Misuse of Google for Defamation:

    The author accuses Jesse Nickles of taking advantage of Google’s indexing to ruin the lives and businesses of innocent people by posting slanderous content on
    Privacy Violation Claims:

    The author describes the impact on personal privacy, especially regarding a name change, and requests the removal of specific search results from Google.
    Impersonating Legitimate Complaint Site:

    The text accuses Jesse Nickles of creating to look like a legitimate site for complaining about scammers but using it for his own malicious purposes.

    The text presents serious allegations against Jesse Nickles, covering defamation, scamming, business bans, legal issues, and privacy violations.
    The provided links could contain more detailed information supporting the claims but should be independently verified.
    The author emphasizes the impact on personal privacy and requests the removal of specific search results from Google.
    To fully understand the situation, it’s essential to investigate the provided sources and potentially seek additional perspectives on the matter.

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    After dedicating an entire day to scour Lumendatabase for complaints about Jesse, I stumbled upon a single case.

    The complaint reads:
    “The content in the mentioned URL is nothing but baseless venom spewing by someone on a mission to defame companies and individuals. There is no basis whatsoever to the claims laid by the publisher other than to gain traction at the cost of someone else’s respect and dignity. Not only is it against the law of UAE ( it’s also unethical and highly offensive. Google as a publisher should not have such hate mongering listing on its search result, and I request the concerned team to please take cognizance of the matter and take corrective action.”

    Interestingly, the URL on or appears to be empty, indicating that the complainant may have successfully compelled the removal of the hate speech.

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