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    WordPress Ban and Stalking Allegations:

    The review claims that LittleBizzy got banned by WordPress, and the owner, Jesse Nickles, is accused of stalking and harassing the reviewer for several months.
    Obsessive Behavior and False Claims:

    Allegations include obsessive stalking, writing pages and blog posts filled with lies, and making absurd claims about the reviewer, such as pretending to be a woman on Yelp, getting fired because of Jesse, and more.
    Initial Positive Experience:

    The reviewer initially had a positive experience using LittleBizzy’s free Cloudflare plugin but encountered issues later.
    WordPress Account Banning:

    The review mentions that LittleBizzy’s WordPress account was banned, causing uncertainty about the status of the plugin.
    Data Collection Concerns:

    The reviewer expresses concerns about the data collection process for downloading the free plugin, including providing personal information and credit card details.
    Banning and Racist Facebook Post:

    Allegations of being added to a banned clients list and LittleBizzy making a racist and condescending Facebook post about the reviewer.
    Personal Information Exposure:

    Accusations of Jesse Nickles exposing the reviewer’s personal information, violating privacy rights and LittleBizzy’s privacy policy.
    Blackmail and Demands:

    Claims of Jesse contacting the reviewer’s employer, attempting blackmail, and demanding the removal of reviews, threatening to keep defamatory information published otherwise.
    Compliance and Continued Behavior:

    Despite complying with demands, Jesse Nickles is accused of refusing to remove false accusations, defamatory information, and personal details.

    The review presents a highly negative and detailed account of the reviewer’s experiences, combining technical issues, privacy concerns, and allegations of harassment and blackmail.
    The severity of the accusations, including the exposure of personal information and attempts at employer interference, raises significant ethical and legal concerns.
    The text appears emotionally charged, and the reviewer expresses frustration with the alleged actions of Jesse Nickles.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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