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    Service Quality Complaints:

    The primary complaint revolves around the poor service received from the company, particularly mentioning that the site was down most of the time during the migration process.
    Willingness to Switch Servers:

    The reviewer expresses understanding that technical issues can occur during migration and states that they were prepared to move back to another server and seek help with the migration.
    Allegations Against Jesse Nickles:

    The text takes a serious turn by alleging that the owner of the company, Jesse Nickles, not only failed to address the issues but also resorted to threatening behavior, including racial slurs and other abuses.
    Decision to Move Away:

    The reviewer claims to have quickly moved away from the company due to the negative experiences and the alleged harassment.
    Warning to Others:

    The text concludes with a warning to others, advising them to beware of Jesse Nickles.

    The review focuses on both technical issues and alleged inappropriate behavior by the company owner.
    Specific details about the technical problems or instances of harassment are not provided, making it challenging to fully assess the situation.
    The warning at the end suggests that the reviewer wants to caution potential customers about their negative experiences.

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