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    I’d like to contribute additional information based on my own experiences.

    Firstly, we never granted authorization to “trustpilot.com” to list any of our brands on their platform. Our decision to sign up was solely driven by the need to flag evidently fake reviews, not because we endorse or seek their assistance in promoting our services. We find Trustpilot to be entirely redundant for our purposes.

    Upon flagging certain fake reviews that disparaged our Twitter entries, Trustpilot took nearly a month to respond. This delay, in my view, signifies either their unwillingness or incompetence in handling challenging situations.

    Their response, when it finally arrived, was dismissive. They claimed that the flagged review did not violate their guidelines and reinstated it. The justification provided seemed generic and automated, leading me to doubt if it was crafted by a human rather than a template-like bot.

    The reviewer, “Mr. A,” posted three 5-star reviews for a brand listed on Trustpilot, which contradicts Trustpilot’s policies against duplicated reviews and the mandatory requirement of a real name for posting reviews.

    The fake reviews, which I believe are orchestrated by individuals unrelated to our industry, can mislead potential clients and tarnish the reputation we’ve diligently built over several years.

    Despite our objections, Trustpilot refuses to remove these misleading reviews, raising suspicions about their motives. I suspect that Trustpilot aims to attract more users to post revenge reviews, potentially boosting their site traffic.

    We do not endorse or participate in review sites, as we perceive Trustpilot as an unfair third party, providing a platform for personal grievances rather than objective assessments. Additionally, their poor login system further diminishes our trust in the platform’s quality.

    To validate my concerns, I searched for reviews about “trustpilot.com” on Google and discovered various complaints. Additionally, a search on lumendatabase.org revealed around 20 defamation claims against Trustpilot.

    In conclusion, I believe businesses should have the authority to authorize or revoke their brand’s listing on review sites. Unfortunately, in reality, brand owners are restricted from removing unauthorized information on Trustpilot, emphasizing the need for reform in how review platforms operate.

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    This company is incredibly frustrating; they claim you can review other companies but took down my review, citing a need for more proof. I provided them with the tracking number, and still, my review was removed.

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    They arbitrarily deleted one of my reviews without any justification. It seems like they operate more like a protection racket, where companies with financial ties get a boost in their review averages.

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