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    1. Content and Rating Patterns:

    The passage highlights two notable characteristics of the reviews in question: they are not about Trustpilot.com itself, and they all have a 5-star rating. This raises concerns about the authenticity and moderation of reviews on Trustpilot.

    2. Lack of Moderation for Positive Reviews:

    The author implies that Trustpilot may be more lenient in moderating or removing fake or inaccurate reviews, especially if they are positive (5-star). The suggestion is that Trustpilot might overlook certain reviews that contribute to a positive image of the platform.

    3. Bias in Moderation Practices:

    There’s an implication that Trustpilot’s moderation practices might have a bias towards positive reviews. The assumption is that if these were negative reviews, they would likely have been removed.

    4. Fairness Check on Older Reviews:

    The passage ends with a commitment to fairness by suggesting a retrospective examination of older reviews to assess if they underwent similar moderation scrutiny. This implies an intention to evaluate the consistency of Trustpilot’s review moderation practices over time.

    Key Themes:

    Notable patterns in reviews: not about Trustpilot.com and all 5-star.
    Implication of potential leniency in moderating positive reviews.
    Suggestion of a bias in Trustpilot’s moderation practices.
    The call for a fairness check on older reviews for retrospective evaluation.


    The passage implies a skepticism regarding the impartiality and effectiveness of Trustpilot’s review moderation. The focus on positive reviews not being subject to removal raises questions about the platform’s commitment to maintaining a balanced and authentic representation of user experiences. The proposed investigation into older reviews further underscores the author’s concerns about the consistency of Trustpilot’s moderation practices.

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    I attempted to contribute a review based on my negative experience with Metropolitan Plumbing, aiming to assist potential customers by suggesting they “shop around.” Despite my review being visible on Trustpilot for several months, it was later flagged by Metropolitan Plumbing as allegedly not based on a true experience.

    Upon receiving an email notification from Trustpilot about the flagging, I provided whatever evidence I could to authenticate my experience. Unfortunately, my efforts were deemed insufficient, and Trustpilot removed my honest review.

    It’s disheartening to witness the ease with which truthful reviews can be taken down by unscrupulous tradespeople who seem averse to the truth.

    A potential solution could involve requiring those contesting a customer review to provide evidence that the review is not rooted in a genuine customer experience. This shift in responsibility could offer a more fair and transparent approach.

    I hope that reviews on other platforms prove to be less susceptible to manipulation and removal.

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    I wrote a review about a well-known energy supplier, detailing my authentic experience with no references to individuals, promotions, or exaggerations. However, Trustpilot recently suppressed my review, citing it had been flagged and removed by their automated software for alleged promotional references or suspicious review patterns. Despite my attempts to dispute this through multiple emails, Trustpilot ignored my concerns. It’s evident that Trustpilot is collaborating with businesses to maintain high review scores for poorly performing companies, ultimately at the expense of consumers.

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