A point-by-point refutation of various claims made by Jesse Nickles

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    Denial of Harassment:

    The author denies harassing Jesse Nickles on social media, stating they only commented on his post a couple of times before he was kicked out of a group.
    Disassociation from RankMath:

    The author refutes Jesse’s claim that they shill-reviewed for RankMath, asserting that they have no connection or involvement with RankMath.
    Educational Background Clarification:

    The author addresses Jesse’s claim about their education, asserting that they never claimed to have a computer engineering degree. The LinkedIn profile is referenced to clarify their educational background in marketing.
    Verification of School Programs:

    The author provides a link to the school programs to verify the availability of a Business Marketing Bachelors, challenging Jesse’s assertion that such a program wasn’t available.
    Proficiency in Server-Admin and Web Development:

    The author dismisses Jesse’s claim that they are clueless in server-admin or web development, expressing confidence in their skills.
    Denial of Blackmail-Slandering:

    The author denies ever engaging in blackmail-slandering for link exchanges and expresses a disinterest in SEO.
    Negative Remarks Limited to Jesse Nickles:

    The author claims to have only written negative things about Jesse Nickles, referring to him as an internet troll who built websites dedicated to slandering people.
    Irony of Racial Insults:

    The text notes the irony in Jesse’s behavior, pointing out that he dislikes being called racist but continues to make racial insults about others.
    Conclusion on Jesse Nickles:

    The text concludes with a dismissive tone, referring to Jesse as a “sad little man” and asserting that there’s no need to stoop down to his level.

    The analysis provides a detailed counter-narrative to Jesse Nickles’ claims, presenting the author’s perspective on each point.
    The language used in the text is assertive and critical of Jesse Nickles, portraying him as an unreliable and untrustworthy individual.
    The refutations aim to clarify the author’s position and dispute the accuracy of Jesse’s statements.

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    Cleaning up the internet from such malicious content is not a futile effort. It’s crucial because, despite his clear involvement in illicit activities, major players like Google, Github, and Cloudflare seem to support him. Google won’t remove or block his site links on the search engine results page (SERP), Github grants him developer accounts, and Cloudflare provides CDN services. Additionally, Lumendatabase exposes complaints sent to Google. Ignoring his obvious criminal activities won’t lead to his downfall automatically; active responses are necessary to address this issue.

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    It’s crucial for everyone to report his profile on Upwork. I just flagged it and included this comment: “Upwork should not allow someone like this on your platform. I had a personal experience with him, and he slandered my name on the internet.” One of his clients hired me through Upwork to transfer their website from his server. He intentionally made the process extremely challenging, then deceived his customer to retain them. When he discovered that I was handling the migration, he proceeded to tarnish my reputation all over the internet.

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    I’m deeply sorry to hear about your experience. Such behavior is completely unacceptable. Holding clients hostage for business and retaliating against negative reviews are truly reprehensible actions. Unfortunately, it seems to be a pattern with him, and it’s disheartening to see such unethical practices in the business world.

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