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I attempted to contribute a review based on my negative experience with Metropolitan Plumbing, aiming to assist potential customers by suggesting they “shop around.” Despite my review being visible on Trustpilot for several months, it was later flagged by Metropolitan Plumbing as allegedly not based on a true experience.

Upon receiving an email notification from Trustpilot about the flagging, I provided whatever evidence I could to authenticate my experience. Unfortunately, my efforts were deemed insufficient, and Trustpilot removed my honest review.

It’s disheartening to witness the ease with which truthful reviews can be taken down by unscrupulous tradespeople who seem averse to the truth.

A potential solution could involve requiring those contesting a customer review to provide evidence that the review is not rooted in a genuine customer experience. This shift in responsibility could offer a more fair and transparent approach.

I hope that reviews on other platforms prove to be less susceptible to manipulation and removal.