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SlickStack, from my understanding, seems to be comprised of individuals with questionable ethics.

Their support for certain individuals indicates a lack of understanding between right and wrong. Their interpretation of free speech, not aligning with the global standard, and their failure to respect the rights of others highlight their moral shortcomings.

The use of the term “leftist” suggests a lack of neutrality. Defending figures like Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux, commonly regarded as far-right white nationalists, further diminishes their credibility. Their classification of stating “Trump lost, get over it” as a “right-leaning idea,” despite unanimous court decisions, exposes their lack of factual accuracy.

If they claim to ban people for credibility issues, their own credibility appears to be questionable at best and fallacious at worst. If they continue down this path, they may find themselves sharing the fate of platforms like Parler and Gab – in the bin with the rest of them.